Eastern Star Development

Eastern Star specializes in New York area luxury development. Its mission is to develop supremely comfortable and contemporary residences in a natural environment.

The management team has many years of international and New York real estate development experience. Closely monitoring design quality and carefully selecting building materials, Eastern Star delivers the finest luxury development.

Eastern Star began construction of Star Tower in 2014 and is proud to now bring it to market.

JLS Designs architecture & planning

JLS Designs was established in 1999 by Joseph Sultana AIA, together with his wife, Lori Sultana, an interior designer.

JLS Designs, a full service architectural firm, has worked closely with Eastern Star on all phases of Star Tower. JLS Designs is an award-winning firm that specialized in custom single-family homes and has an extensive portfolio of Manhattan luxury apartments, new multi-family buildings, corporate spaces, retail and restaurants throughout the Greater New York area.

Design Determination

Design Determination is a dynamic group of New York City based designers who are passionate about creating inspired interior spaces. Since its designers come from varied international backgrounds, it thrives on using its work to tell a collective story showcasing its multi-cultural heritage, creative sensibilities and extensive expertise. The results are spaces that are physically appealing, stimulating and functional.

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